Our Testimonials

For more than 13 years, D'Accord has provided EAP and related services to client organisations across Australia.

Here is just a sample of the testimonials we've received including anonymous client feedback from individual counselling sessions.

The personal counselling I received from EAP helped me to understand and gain strength to continue in my position after a very violent, abusive call from a client. Continuing on in the position gave me a better psychological understanding of the affect this call had on my being and how I could use this experience to take more control of any other similar calls or personal affronts I may experience within this position.”

– Client feedback

Much more helpful than private counselling (which I tried first) because the counsellor has a knowledge of our working environment (clients, office politics, etc).”

– Client feedback

“D’Accord was great, down to earth, talked on a level that the family responded to…gave a very practible, tangible and concrete view and insight into how people get to suicide actions.”

—Client feedback

“I have experienced many counsellors through my career of managing tragic events… sometimes they just don’t make a connection with people or talk above their heads... D’Accord were the opposite of this which is evidenced by the overwhelming amount of positive feedback I have had from people.”

– Client feedback

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